7 Fun Ways to Explore Flickr

Flickr is a great site with some great photography. Most everyone is familiar with the process of uploading photos or viewing photos of a particular person, but there are a lot of cool ways to find interesting images on Flickr. Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite ways to explore Flickr:
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  1. Through the Explore pages. Flickr uses an “interestingness” algorithm to determine what appear to be the 500 most interesting photos uploaded each day, and they’re showcased through Explore. Take a look around. There’s some amazing material. I’m proud of my photos which have been featured in Explore.
  2. Browse by an interesting tag. Simply go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/tagnamehere – for example, check out recent photos tagged as “reflection”.
  3. Browse by a hot/trending tag. What’s hot right now? Go to the popular tags page to see.
  4. Browse by location. Fickr’s Places area allows one to find photos from a specific location (based on the geotagging data associated with individual photos).
  5. Find a group on a topic of interest. Name any topic and there’s probably a Flickr group. Want to see photos of fire engines? Portland? Monkeys? The color red? It’s there. And if you manage to find a topic not already covered, you can always create a new group!
  6. Browse some random Flickr photos using the Random Photo Browser from BigHugeLabs
  7. Also from BigHugeLabs (they have a bunch of Flickr tools), a photo wall that provides a dynamic, always-changing display of photos being added to Flickr. You never know what might pop up or catch your eye.

Did I miss something? How do you like to meander through Flickr?

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