The Importance of Everyday Photography

I’m quite excited to announce that I’ve been selected as a speaker at Ignite Seattle 13. In a couple weeks, I’ll be taking the stage at Seattle’s King Cat Theater (along with several other presenters). I’m currently developing my talk with a title of “It Seems Everyone Thinks They’re a Photographer. That’s Awesome and Important.”

Taken while wandering around the Seattle Center on a Sunday morning

Delivered in the fast-paced, five-minutes-twenty-slides Ignite format, I’ll be talking about how the prevalence of cameras and photography in our society has resulted in a change of how we document and share our lives. Some photographers lament the fact that it seems everyone thinks they’re a photographer now, but I think it’s awesome.

If you’re in the Seattle area I’d love to have you in attendance. Ignite Seattle 13 starts at 7pm at the King Cat Theatre; admission is $5.

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