Startup Business Portrait: VendScreen’s Paresh Patel

During the inaugural class of Portland Incubator Experiment startups, I had the opportunity to create photographs of quite a few people that founded and build startup businesses around a variety of ideas, technologies, and in the case of VendScreen, high-tech devices that can revolutionize the vending machine industry.

Paresh Patel of VendScreen

Early in the PIE process, I created this portrait of VendScreen CEO Paresh Patel with a sample device. I was pleased to find out this week that VendScreen will be receiving several awards at an industry trade show this month (more first-place awards than ny other vendor). Well done, VendScreen!

Eight Portland Startups: One Demo Day

A couple weeks ago I photographed the first Demo Day event on behalf of the Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE). Each of the eight startups that comprise PIE’s inaugural class took to the stage at Portland’s Bagdad Theater, explaining their company, product, and vision. With my full set of images having been delivered to the client over a week ago, I wanted to post a few of my favorites and offer a few additional selections.

Paresh Patel of VendScreen.  At the PIE Demo Day on 1/17/2012 in Portland's Bagdad Theater

Dr. Paresh Patel of VendScreen speaks about his company’s device (shown to the right) which aims to add smart capabilities to vending machines. VendScreen has been getting some press from little publications like USA Today.

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