Portland Event Reception Photography

I’ve photographed a variety of events, gatherings, parties, and receptions in the Portland and Vancouver, Washington area. Today I get around to publishing a few images from a reception a few months back.

Dancing at the Reception

Depending on the event, photography will include the attendees, environment, details, and the work of other vendors involved with the production.

Event / Reception Catering

I always enjoy being able to capture an artist or performer while in their element.

Reception Concert

If you want something beyond mere snapshots for your event, contact me and let’s make it happen.

140 Character Conference: Public & Private Sector Social Media

Last week I had the pleasure of leading the photography team at the 140 Character Conference held in Vancouver, Washington. The 140 Character Conference events focus on realtime social media, with this particular conference having the angle of how public agencies can best work with private businesses and citizens to use social media as an effective communications tool. Along with an assistant photographer and a photo editor, we created images throughout the day and pushed those photos to the web for near-realtime consumption and sharing.

I had a great time doing some event photography here in Vancouver Washington at the Hilton Convention Center. Here are a few representative images from the event:

Jeremy Bertrand
Jeremy Bertrand, WSDOT

Dale Chumbley, Clark County Real Estate Guide

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Business Listings and Directories

You strike me as the type that’s probably a savvy local business owner. You have your local business listed in online directories, right? You likely have a business listing in Google Places and I bet you’ve added your physical business to Yelp, haven’t you?

Since you’re making the effort to put your name out where modern folks can find you, I hope you’re including photos with your listings… they’ll make your business listing a lot more eye-catching than one without any images.

And since you’re just that cool, surely you have some kick-ass photos on there and not just a few snapshots, right?

Oh. If that last sentence caused you to hesitate a bit, drop me an email or give me a call and let’s upgrade your business image on the web.

Small Business Photography in the Portland Area

One of my favorite services is working with small businesses to create photos of their spaces, people, and events. It’s fun to see the various uses that clients have for these photos. Some use them for print materials like brochures or a newsletter. Others will use the photos on their website or blog. I know my photos appear on at least a few business cards. I’m biased, but I’m pretty sure every single business (whether it’s a solo entrepreneur up through a megacorporation) needs quality business photos.

Contact me about photos of your people, your location, or your event. Let’s work together to share what’s great about your small business!

Customer and a receptionist at a window in a medical office

Corkboard with Polaroid Photos

Women and Men Around a Conference Table