Kiersi: Portland Writer Environmental Portrait

Kiersi is a writer in Portland, Oregon who writes young adult fiction; as we talked about concepts for a photoshoot we decided on a few poses with her in and amongst books. Here’s one of our favorites (those of you who know Kiersi may have noticed this as her profile photo in a few places).

Portland Portrait Photography: Kiersi

Something Different: Clifton and Fumi at Edgefield

I don’t often photograph weddings or the events around them, but I was honored when Clifton asked me to make some portraits recently of him and his wife Fumi. We spent a couple hours at McMenamin’s Edgefield and made a variety of images in both some traditional and nontraditional forms. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Shadows of Love - Edgefield Bride & Groom Photo

Bride & Groom at Sunset at Edgefield

If you’re interested in some creative Portland portraits, contact me and let’s do it!