Nathan: Portraits of a Small Business Owner

I really enjoy working with other small- to mid-sized businesses in the Portland area. A few weeks back I was able to make a few portraits for Nathan who runs a small software business.

Portland Executive Headshot

Nathan was looking for a few images for various professional purposes. This included a traditional studio-style headshot as well as some portraits that showed off a bit of Portland. We incorporated a bit of the Portland waterfront with the iconic Steel Bridge in the background for one of the photos (shown below).

This allows Nathan to provide a serious, formal photo for those serious purposes as well as a few more relaxed images for his website, social media, or other informal occasions.

Portland Business Owner - Waterfront Portrait

Comcast Cares Day: Beaverton / Vancouver Event Photography

This spring I once again had the opportunity to photograph local events as part of Comcast Cares Day, an annual employee service day where Comcast employees perform a variety of community service projects. This year I was assigned to photograph three locations (two in Beaverton, Oregon and one in Vancouver, Washington) and I spent the morning creating a variety of images that showcased the employees and their work.

Here’s a sampling of some of the images.

Community Event Photography - Landscaping in Beaverton Oregon

Beaverton Oregon Event Photography

Assembling a Play Structure - Beaverton Community Photography

Corporate Service Day - Group Photo in Vancouver Washington

I’m available for corporate and company event photography in the Portland, Vancouver, Beaverton, and greater metro area. Drop me an email or give me a call!

Amye – Portland Portraits

I’ve recently seen an uptick in portrait photography around Portland, and I enjoyed my opportunity to photograph my friend Amye. Our portrait session involved a few poses and lighting styles as I worked with both some tried-and-true techniques as well as a few experimental ones.

Portrait of Amye in Portland

Portrait of Amye in Portland

If you need an interesting portrait for your business, social media, family, or event, contact me and let’s make it happen.

Ignite Portland 10 Photos

Last week I had the opportunity to again be the photography sponsor for Ignite Portland. This was the tenth incarnation of the event and the first in over a year. Attendees saw twenty presentations covering a wide range of topics; lots of socializing happened before the event and during the intermission. Here are a few of my favorite images; you can view the full set on Flickr.

Clifton B: What Startups can Learn from the Yo-Yo Community

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Don’t Water Down Your Business with Generic Stock Photos

You’re a smart businessperson. You’re updating your website, brochures, and other marketing materials with current information about your products, services, and company. Perhaps you’re launching an entirely new venture, or perhaps you’re just refreshing things a bit for a fresh look. Fresh is good.

As you make this smart business move, don’t decrease the return on your marketing and messaging investment. Below you’ll find two solid reasons to avoid a common misstep. Don’t miss out on the ability to best represent your company by using generic stock photography.

Stock Photography Isn’t You

If I sit down at a restaurant and discover that the photos on the menu aren’t images of that eatery’s food, how confident will I be in the quality? What’s your impression of a company without any sort of custom logo, type, or identifying branding?

How would your clients feel if they’re browsing your website or flipping through your brochure and there aren’t any photos of you or your employees? If you’re using generic images related to your industry instead of pictures of your products, what message are you sending?

Potential clients are going to wonder why you’re not advertising you.

Readers Filter Stock Images and Ignore Them

Putting aside the issue of your client wondering why you’re not using your own imagery, there’s another great reason not to use stock photos in your marketing: they get ignored. Photos for the sake of photos aren’t helpful; photos which provide insight into your business, products, and services will garner attention.

As a photographer, of course I’d love to sell you some photos. As a businessperson, you should only pay for photos that make sense: photos for your business representing your ideas and your people. If you’re ready to do that, contact me and let’s make it happen. But please don’t spend money on photos that aren’t really you and won’t be effective.