Your Company Photos Can Have Personality

Sure, we’ve all seen static, traditional business portraits or company photos. Heck, I’ve made a bunch of them when that’s the look the client wants.

But your business headshot, or your company group photo, doesn’t have to be dull or traditional. We can take an outdoor portrait in Portland and give it some personality based on the pose and attitude of the subject:

Outdoor Portrait in Portland

Sure, we could do a picture of your team standing against a blank wall. If you’re a traditional bank, that’s probably appropriate. But if your organization is one where we can display a bit more personality, we could make a Portland company photo up on your rooftop and let folks have some fun.

Portland Company Photos

Get in touch if it’s time for a fresh image for your company.

Fun Corporate Event Photography in Portland

I photograph a variety of business events. I have done community service event photography, conference photography, and images from leadership retreats and seminars. I enjoy the variety of scenarios and environments for these images, and it’s always fun to see the various themes around an event.

A recent corporate event at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall included a bit of a sporting angle for this Regional Vice President…

Arlene Schnitzer Event Photography