Back to Business

Things have been quiet for Hockley Photography both here on the blog and in general over the past couple of months. I’ve been involved with a few conferences that have taken a fair amount of my time although I’ve been working a few small events and jobs such as headshots. I’ve also been spending a fair amount of time on Social Photo Talk, an arm of Hockley Photography that focuses on social media for photographers.

Things should be picking up with the regular photo business soon. I have a few events coming up that should provide some good opportunities for new venues and experiences.

Here’s a photo I took last weekend while killing some time on a Sunday morning following WordCamp Seattle:

Morning Monorail

Go With the Flow at Events

I love event photography because it’s always interesting to see how things go once a bunch of people are together and their interaction drives a wide range of photographic opportunity. Last month at the Open Source Bridge conference, a couple of the sessions were swapped between rooms due to the size of anticipated crowds. One of the sessions being moved? Assholes are Killing Your Project. The other session was about teaching children about software. When the impromptu sign for the room change was made, this is what I found:

Open Source Bridge

An event photographer needs to go with the flow and work with often-changing plans.