Portland and Beaverton Event Photography – Comcast Cares 2016

As I catch up on my photography blogging, I wanted to share some images of some Portland event photography from 2016 for a repeat client. I again photographed Comcast Cares Day, a corporate day of service where thousands of Comcast employees take part in various community service events in their areas.

Portland Event Photography

Portland Event Photographer

This year allowed me to make location photography in Portland and Beaverton as employees performed a variety of tasks around a school in a low-income neighborhood, created quilts for those in need, and planted numerous trees in a greenspace near a creek.

Portland Nonprofit Event Speaker

Portland Event Photography

As I make the corporate event photographs, I’m working with a bit of guidance from my client as to the highlights they want captured in the images, as well as the messaging they want to convey. After I’m briefed, I take a more photojournalistic approach as I explore the job sites, preferring to make candid images as folks work instead of posed, static photographs.

Beaverton Event Photography

Beaverton Corporate Event - Comcast Cares Day

With an event of this magnitude (they perform work at a lot of sites in the area – I generally am assigned to cover three of them) they have volunteer employees take photos as well throughout the day. But they also hire pro photographers, such as myself, to handle the flagship sites and to ensure that they get the most important images.

Sure, cameras have gotten better and you can probably have someone volunteer to take photos, and they’ll get some good shots. But if you want all the shots, and you want the most important shots, reliably, you’ll hire a pro photographer who will have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to deliver the results.

Comcast Cares Day: Beaverton / Vancouver Event Photography

This spring I once again had the opportunity to photograph local events as part of Comcast Cares Day, an annual employee service day where Comcast employees perform a variety of community service projects. This year I was assigned to photograph three locations (two in Beaverton, Oregon and one in Vancouver, Washington) and I spent the morning creating a variety of images that showcased the employees and their work.

Here’s a sampling of some of the images.

Community Event Photography - Landscaping in Beaverton Oregon

Beaverton Oregon Event Photography

Assembling a Play Structure - Beaverton Community Photography

Corporate Service Day - Group Photo in Vancouver Washington

I’m available for corporate and company event photography in the Portland, Vancouver, Beaverton, and greater metro area. Drop me an email or give me a call!

Favorite Five from 2008

This time of year it seems that everyone is compiling their “Best of 2008” lists, so I figured I’d jump onto the bandwagon and offer up five of my favorite photos from 2008, presented in no particular order. I’ve got one more coming in a followup post.

Full House
Full House – this was Ignite Portland 2, the first of three Ignite events I photographed this year. I’ve really enjoyed capturing various Portland events in photos as well as all of the amazing people that have brought together a vibrant group of communities around the Portland tech scene.

Into the Wild Red Yonder
Into the Wild Red Yonder – taken at a Flickr meetup at Pittock Mansion, there was a great sunrise and fortunately there was some air traffic taking off to the east.

Another World
Another World – a photo taken at the Oregon Convention Center of some light reflecting against a stainless steel escalator wall. This represents a good example of some of the fine art photos that I take while wandering through everyday life.

Crystal – I wanted to build up my portfolio and talked to an acquaintance about a photoshoot… she agreed and it was a fun afternoon wandering northwest Portland resulting in a bunch of great images.

Empty Transit
Empty Transit – taken on a day of railfanning with a buddy, I like the various converging lines and the emptiness seen at the Sunset Transit Center.

Were these my “best” photos? I don’t know. Who defines best? They’re a good cross-section of my photography this year. I didn’t include some portrait work that was hard to rate, but here’s to a happy new year and a 2009 full of good photo opportunities.