Startupalooza Photos

Shooting Startupalooza on Saturday was a lot of fun, it was a great group of people in an environment with a lot of creative and positive energy. I love shooting events, from small gatherings to crowds of hundreds or thousands. I posted over 140 shots on Flickr, and here are a few shots that are representative of the event:

Independent Technopreneur Panel
Justin Kistner, Sarah Gilbert, and Rick Turoczy formed the Independent Technopreneur Panel

Wide angle of the room
A view of some of the crowd, watching the speakers and also geeking out with various forms of technology

Todd Kenefsky
Todd Kenefsky, Legion of Tech board member and the primary coordinator for the event

Josh Williams and Mark Frohnmayer talk about the growth of GarageGames

Congratulations to everyone who helped make this event a success and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to capture it in photos.

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