Startupalooza: Contest Winners

Today I had the opportunity to shoot Startupalooza, an event in Portland bringing together a bunch of great people around the tech startup scene. I haven’t heard any sort of exact count but I’d guess there were 175-200 folks in and out throughout the day.

I held an impromptu contest, asking folks to give me a business card with a guess of how many photos I’d shoot throughout the afternoon/evening. It turns out we had a tie with a couple folks being pretty close; both Bryan Stearns and Jeff Martens guessed 400 photos with the actual number being 389. As a result of their superior guessing skills, they’ve won a discount to be used towards my photography services (I’ll be e-mailing everyone who entered the contest tomorrow).

Some of the crowd before the event started

When the rest of the photos are processed they’ll be posted on Flickr (with a followup post here).

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