Photographers have a variety of means of determining pricing. Here’s my take which aims to make the process as straightforward as possible for everyone. First, the short version and then details below.

Flat Rate Pricing

I will provide all clients with an up-front flat rate for the proposed photography services and products. You’ll know ahead of time what the charges will be and there won’t be any surprises after the fact.

Read below for more about how I arrive at my rates.

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How Rates are Calculated

How is pricing determined?
Pricing for specific photography assignments is based on the amount of complexity, equipment, and time involved in the job.
What factors into the calculation?
My fee results from three factors. The first is my creative fee which covers my effort and expertise to create and deliver the images. The second covers the cost of any equipment needed which is above and beyond the set of gear I own for my usual work. Lastly any travel expenses are factored into the rate if the assignment is outside of the Portland/Vancouver (WA) area.
Why isn’t pricing calculated on an hourly basis?
For many photographic assignments, the time spent shouldn’t affect the outcome received. Portraits, headshots, commercial and corporate work, or product photography should lead to a set of finished photos based on the desires of the client. The job is priced based on the results rather than the amount of time it takes to achieve those results. You can read a bit more about how I calculate pricing for events.
What about time spent doing post processing?
Digital post processing is an essential part of any modern photographer’s workflow. In the film days, a photographer would usually send the film off to a lab and then pass those lab fees along to clients. With digital imaging, files need to have similar processing. Unlike many photographers, I don’t outsource my post processing which allows me to create and deliver the highest-quality images that reflect my vision. Based on a client’s desired number of finished images, I include my digital processing time into the flat rate that I quote for a job.
How is licensing handled?
Image licensing is part of the conversation throughout my relationship with a client. For most work including portraits, headshots, and many events, licensing is agreed upon as part of the initial flat rate. Additional licensing changes or options can be made at any point.
How are images delivered? Is there a delivery fee?
Standard delivery is provided with images in a zipped up file available via download from my server. For those who desire physical media, I will provide images burned to a DVD for $40/disc. This fee covers the time and cost of creating and mailing a disc.
What about physical products such as photo prints, metal prints, or canvas?
I work with a variety of professional printing labs that produce excellent results. I can provide a price list for any desired products; products can be shipped worldwide.
Are any taxes added to prices?
Product sales (prints, digital files, etc) to Washington state residents are subject to state sales tax.

Questions about pricing? Need a custom quote for your job? Contact Me for information.

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