Power Flickr Workshop

Pictures!I’m excited to announce Power Flickr, a workshop that’s all about the awesomeness that is Flickr. Power Flickr is a 2-hour discussion on using Flickr for all sorts of purposes beyond simple image hosting.

We’ll talk about a wide range of tips and tricks, aimed at both folks wanting to promote their photography as well as those looking to find the best material on Flickr. There will be a focus on Flickr’s community features including how to network with other Flickr users with similar interests.

A sample of topics to be discussed:

  • Flickr’s contacts features explained
  • how to find the best photos on Flickr
  • all about Explore, what it is and tips for getting noticed
  • how to make sure your contacts see your best photos
  • finding relevant communities to contribute and interact
  • driving traffic to your Flickr stream, via Flickr
  • sharing your Flickr content elsewhere including blogs and slideshows
  • third party tools and Greasemonkey scripts

I’m also open to exploring Flickr topics suggested by you! Leave a comment here with your question or area of interest and I’ll try to address as many as possible during the evening.

How much is the workshop fee? That’s up to you. No fee will be collected beforehand… attend the workshop and then choose how much to donate afterwards. We’ll be able to accept cash payment onsite or you can contribute electronically with a credit card (payment info will be provided at the workshop).

Please RSVP on Upcoming so that we have a general headcount.

Bring your laptop (or not). All skill levels are welcome although a basic familiarity with Flickr will be helpful. Any questions? Drop me an email or leave a comment.

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