Revised Photoshop Express Terms: Better, But Still Disconcerting

Responding to the public outcry over the breadth of licensing conditions in Adobe’s original license for Photoshop Express (previous blog post), Adobe has posted a new Terms of Use Agreement to take effect on April 10th. They removed the part of the license agreement which drew the most ire; users no longer give Adobe the rights to use the images for any purpose whatsoever.

The new terms contain an interesting section about rights given to other users. Take a look at sections 6 and 7… here’s an excerpt:

You hereby grant Other Users a worldwide (because the internet is global), royalty-free (meaning that Other Users do not owe you any money), nonexclusive (meaning you are free to license Your Content to others) license to view, download, print, distribute, publicly perform and publicly display Your Shared Content subject to the limitations in Section 7.

It’s no longer a rights grab by Adobe, but posting any material for viewing apparently lets anyone use your content for any number of purposes. Again, it’s not a license I can agree with for my work.

If you want any sort of control over your work, take a few minutes and read the terms for any services used. Caveat emptor.

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