It’s Quiet Here, But I Wrote a Book

It’s Quiet Here, But I Wrote a Book

Photography has been slow lately, but I’ve had a few gigs here and there.

While not directly related to the sort of photography or services I show on this website, I did complete and release my first book in September. With my background in technology and photography, I wrote The Computer Ate My Photos: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Photography as a look at the state of technology in the photography world.

Those of you into photography (whether that’s as a hobbyist or a professional) will find it’s a look at where we are today and my take on where we’re poised to go in the future. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is involved with the capture, editing, and management of our photos, and savvy photographers will understand how they can use it to their advantage.

If you’ve been a Hockley Photography client in the last few years, you’ve certainly benefitted from some AI as part of my capture and workflow. I fully endorse using robot powers for good! Interested in learning more about how the photography world is evolving with technology? I think you’ll find the book is a fun tour through the current and future possibilities.

Buy it from Amazon as paperback or Kindle.

Artificial Intelligence and Photography Book

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