Finding a Photographer that Fits

We like to do business with those who are “a good fit” for our style. Different strokes for different folks.

You might patronize a certain barber because of the selection of magazines on the table, the hours he keeps, or the usual topics of conversation in the room.

Paul McEwan guides other employees in constructing an awningPerhaps you buy from a particular coffee shop because of the fact they offer a nice frequent-drinker card or that they have ample covered bicycle parking and that’s your transportation of choice.

While I will happily work with all forms of clients that would like me to make images for them, I’m also realistic and I know that I’m going to be a better fit for some groups than for others.

I’m a digital photographer… and I don’t just mean that my camera has a computer inside and a screen on the back. I work digitally. If you think fax machines are neat… I might not be the right photographer for you. On the other hand, if you think it makes sense that I’ll accept your credit card payment using Square on my smartphone, let’s talk.

When I photograph events, I usually end up creating a mix of posed photos with certain individuals or groups… along with candids. I can tell a story with either, but I think my style is such that I often create more compelling images when allowed to roam around and capture in a more candid manner.

When you have portraits made by a department store, a discount chain, or other storefront, you’re going to get exactly what they offer: a cookie-cutter set of backdrops, some cheesy props, and prints or files in a package they’ve preconfigured. I find it much more appealing for everyone if we chat ahead of time and figure out what you really want.

I will offer my suggestion or direction if needed, but if you have your own ideas, I welcome those. We can create studio-style portraits with a backdrop. Or we could make an environmental portrait that shows some character in the background that reflects your business, hobby, or other area of interest. We can make a portrait indoors. We can make that portrait outside.

If you want a photographer who’s also a graphic designer and will lay out and create a big heavy photo album… that’s not me. On the other hand, I routinely make arrangements with clients for them to obtain high-resolution digital files for flexibility of use both online or in print.

If we chat about photos and it sounds like it’s not a good fit, I won’t lie. I’d rather refer you to another photographer who can better meet your needs than to start down a relationship that’s going to lead to unhappiness.

There are a lot of photographers. Find one that fits.

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