On Resuming Events…

On Resuming Events…

Here we are, almost fourteen months since the last time I did any event photography for a client.

Amidst the various forms of suffering over the last year, things (at least in my area of the United States) are slowly coming back. At this point I’m fully vaccinated and while I’m still taking precautions, I’m feeling a bit more comfortable out and about. I’ve resumed some photography, both personally and a few gigs for clients such a business portraits.

My thoughts are shifting to event photography.

Youth dance group performing during an education conference.

The last event photography gig I had before the pandemic was typical of my event work: a multi-day conference and trade show, this one for a nonprofit client. The image above was a local youth dance group that performed following lunch on the first day of the event.

Conference event photography often involves speakers at podiums and that’s part of telling the story of the event, but that’s not the entire story.

Woman speaking at nonprofit event.
Busy trade show environment with a crowd focused on a woman speaking.

As we move beyond the pandemic, gradually we’ll start seeing more in-person events on our calendars. I suspect we’ll start seeing small groups and meetups where things can be safely distanced and plans can be more flexible.

I’m ready to get to work: if you’re planning an event in the Portland/Vancouver area, let’s chat. I realize that things are up in the air and plans may need to change. I’m flexible; let’s make it work. Whether you’re looking for something casual at an informal meetup, or more formal images from a more structured event, let’s talk about how we can safely make some great images together.

Group of folk standing in a trade show booth.

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