Metal Prints for Portrait and Fine Art Photos

About a year ago I became aware of metal prints for photographs but I hadn’t seriously investigated them until recently. Now I’m kicking myself for not having checked them out sooner. I ordered some sample metal prints through the same pro lab that I use for my portrait and fine art photos and I’m really impressed.

A couple samples of MetalPrints, a very cool way to display photos.  Super-lightweight aluminum can be hung on a wall without a stud and the metal material creates a great look

In short, a metal print is just what it says that it is… a print onto metal. The image is infused into the aluminum surface and it takes on an interesting new look. Images seem to have a bit more contrast and “pop” than on a paper print. It’s a bit hard to describe in words… I have some sample images that I’ll be carrying with me so if you run into me around town be sure to have me show you the photos. The image above is a photo of the metal prints… sadly you really need to see them firsthand to appreciate them.

One thing that surprises folks about the metal prints is how lightweight they are – they’re ounces, not pounds. Unlike a heavy framed matted print, the metal prints are float-mounted on a bracket that can be hung in any wall without needing to find studs. The metal float-mount bracket suspends the print about half an inch out from the wall for a great look.

Pricing on metal prints is higher than paper prints but is competitive once one factors in the cost of a mat and frame for a traditional print. The metal prints need no additional hardware or display material.

I’m excited to being offering metal prints for all of my portrait and fine art products. And speaking of fine art products, look for a special set of images for sale (holiday gifts?) starting on Thursday. Check back here in two days for all of the details.

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  1. I’ve used a variety of labs; I recommend Bay Photo for consumer-accessible metal prints.

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