My Exciting Light Winner

Thanks to those of you who entered my Exciting Light contest. The winner of the contest is Dale Chumbley who submitted this self-portrait:

Dale, I’ll contact you directly with the information to get registered for the workshop. Leave us a comment and tell us more about the photo, technical and otherwise…

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  1. Awesome! Very excited to get to go to this event.

    Thank you Aaron for liking my self portrait. I learned that self portraits can be quite tricky as it’s a lot of trial and error in placement & position.

    The Setup

    The location for this shoot was inside an empty walk in closet (after all, I needed pure darkness in the middle of the day). I used a headlamp flashlight that has a red light option and taped it to one of the bars giving the red circle appearance. I then used my laser level for the vertical & horizontal lines. I turned it slightly for effect and also taped it in place. The variations in the coloring came as a result of the white LED single lens light I was holding in my hand. I turned it off and on while the shutter was open and it gave the white, blue, purple and orange effect you see here.

    The Camera

    My camera is a Canon SX100 IS (point and shoot). Fortunately my camera allows me the ability to manually configure it. I set the white balance to the tungsten setting which probably enhanced the blues in this photo. I set the metering to the spot mode. Camera was on a tripod about a foot over my head (I was sitting on the floor for these). I set the timer for ten seconds to give me time to get in place and I had a shutter speed of 4 seconds to get this look. My aperture was f/3.2 and the ISO was 200.

    Thanks again for challenging me to think outside the box and be creative. Looking forward to David Ziser’s Digital WakeUp Call seminar here in Portland.

  2. Great job Dale… thanks for sharing.

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