Each event has its own dynamic… some events are loud, raucous, exciting flurries of activity, while others are more somber and serious. Unlike staged portrait or commercial photography, events often happen quickly, without a second chance to get a photograph of a fleeting moment. The right event photographer will offer a mixture of group dynamics and interactions as well as highlighting various individuals.

Woman Speaking at an Event

One question you might wonder is, do you need an event photographer? You might… or might not. I like an analogy asking is your event a potluck?

Mark Shuttleworth - Keynote speaker at the Oregon Convention Center

Since you probably need an event photographer, you’ll want the right photographer for you and for your event. That might be me! Here’s what to think about when hiring an event photographer.

Corporate Event Photographer in Portland

I like to work with my clients on straightforward event pricing. Because each event is a bit different, the pricing can’t always be captured in a generic one-size-fits-all rate. That said, I can provide you with a straightforward price quote, customized for your event. Here’s what I’ll want to know to give you an accurate quote.

TJ Houshmandzadeh being Interviewed at Reser Stadium in Corvallis

Event photography is a unique mixture of details, people, and the bigger picture.

Portland Armory Event Photography

Depending on the intended use for your event photos, be sure to consider how quickly you’ll want them delivered, and in what format. I’m super-flexible in this area and can meet any need, whether it’s near-immediate use for social media, or prints down the road to hang in your office. Here are some options for event photo delivery.

LinkedIn Live Event Photos

Let’s make some event photos together. Don’t wait until the last minute to book as you might find my calendar to be full.

Contact me today and let’s talk about making some interesting images at your event.

Congressman David Wu Speaking at an event in Beaverton
Portland Concert Photography - Sara Barry of the Twangshifters
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