Event Photography Pricing

Event Photography Pricing

Bagdad Theater Event Photography - James Keller at Ignite Portland

As I recently chatted with a potential client about pricing for an upcoming event photography shoot, I realized it might be useful to blog about some of the factors that influence pricing for event photography. My fee for event photography work is based on a client’s needs; here are some of the factors involved:

  • How long will the photographer be at the event? If this was the only factor, photographers could easily offer an hourly rate and be done with it. As you’ll see, there are other things to consider….
  • Approximately how many images are desired? Does the client want several hundred photos for an online gallery? Are they only interested in a dozen photographs for a newsletter or media release? Something in between?
  • How quickly does the client need the photos? For some events, the organizers simply want the images available within a couple of weeks. I’ve also photographed a few events where I’ve worked with an assistant to begin processing and sharing photos during the event so that attendees can enjoy themselves in pictures. Like most things in life, getting the photos faster without a decrease in quality will result in higher costs.
  • Are there any special lighting situations? Will the photographer bring gear for setting up a photobooth or portrait location? Is the photographer mounting lights for a stage or keynote platform?
  • Is the event local, or will there be travel expenses?

I generally gather information and then agree on a fee for my services with a client. Because of the various factors above, it’s not as simple as having an “hourly rate.” There are enough factors, and events vary so much, that there’s no easy way to come up with a single rate that would apply to all events. That said, I can provide a quote fairly quickly as I field an inquiry.

Portland Tech Event - Brad Feld, Jason Mendelson, Rick Turoczy

The other factor which I didn’t list above, but might be negotiated into a single fee, is an initial licensing agreement. If the client has a good handle on their proposed usage for the photos from an event, we’ll chat about the usage and come to a licensing agreement. If the client is unsure of usage plans we can defer this discussion.

I’ve photographed conferences, company meetings, launch parties, holiday parties, open houses, and other events. Contact me if you’re interested in some great photos for an upcoming event.

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