Board Membership and a Certification

Board Membership and a Certification

I’m pleased to share a couple professional bits of news…

Returning to the PMPA Board of Directors

PMPA LogoI’ve been invited to again serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the Portland Metropolitan Photographers Association. Affiliated with the Professional Photographers of America, the PMPA is a volunteer-led organization the seeks to foster the development of photographers of all sorts in the Portland area. The organization has made some great advances in 2013 and I’m honored they’ve asked me to serve in 2014. I’ll be heading up their communications efforts including managing the various forms of traditional and social media used for information.

Candidacy to Become a Certified Professional Photographer

I’ve also declared my candidacy to become a Certified Professional Photographer, the first step in what can be an up-to-two-year process for certification. Anyone can say they’re a photographer. Anyone can say they’re a professional. Fewer will join a professional organization. Even fewer still will seek certification.

In order to obtain the Certified Professional Photographer designation, I’ll first have to pass a rigorous written exam designed under the supervision of the Institute of Credentialing Excellence, the same folks that oversee certification for everything from Optometrists to Certified Financial Planners. The exam covers a wide variety of photography topics.

Following the written exam, I will be required to submit a portfolio of my work for inspection. Some of the material in the portfolio must demonstrate six specific photography and lighting techniques deemed necessary for all photographers. The remainder of the portfolio will showcase several example images from paid client work over the past two years. Professional photography judges will review the work and either accept or reject my portfolio. As noted, this process may take a while but I hope to work through it in the coming months, refining and demonstrating my skills as I continue to deliver quality, professional work for my clients.

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