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Over the weekend I was a student of light, or more correctly, a student learning about better lighting technique. Two of the world’s leading voices on photography lighting (Joe McNally and David Hobby) were in town for a workshop and I arrived on Saturday ready to soak in all that I could.

My goal was to walk away with a few things I could put into practice in my photography and I met that goal. I’m going to experiment a bit with what I learned and end up creating better images than before.

Education should be an ongoing venture for photographers of any age, level of experience, or specialty. “What have you learned for me lately” is a very good question to ask any professional photographer when you’re making a decision to hire them.

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  1. Hiya,

    I will be attending this workshop on Thursday (Mar 17) here in San Diego. Do you have any suggestion on preparation? Did any of the participates do any shooting?

    I attended the Creative Asia conference in Kuala Lumpur this past January. Joe was there and presented the keynote – fantastic time.

    Any info would be great,


    1. There’s no real attendee interaction/shooting as part of the workshop. A few folks had cameras with them and occasionally snapped photos of some of the lighting setups but if you don’t bring any gear at all you’ll be fine. You might want something for taking notes however. Enjoy the workshop!

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