Photographers that Play Well With Others

There’s an interesting thing that happens in the photography space (well, in many businesses I’m sure): some photographers work together, collaborate, and share their knowledge to grow together. Others go off on their own and are afraid of opening up or working together.

I’d like to think I’m in the former category. I value photographer collaboration.

I enjoy chatting with other photographers. Sometimes we get together and play around with light and lenses and experiment with various effects. Occasionally it leads to nothing, but usually something fun happens. Here’s Portland photographer Joe Wilson when we were messing around with light at his studio.

Photographer Collaboration

It’s not all play; some of my photo assignments and projects require assistants or other photographers to get the job done. When I need a second shooter, or a photographer to help me light a big assignment, I have a trusted network of friends and colleagues whom I can call upon. Networking with others is one of the reasons I remain involved with the Oregon Professional Photographers Association.

The ability to work with others is one of those skills that can be as helpful as understanding light and shutter speeds.

People of XOXO

Last weekend I attended the XOXO Festival, an experimental creative tech art festival in Portland. While there, I made some photos.

Matt Brooks, the Noun Project
Matt Brooks, The Noun Project

Reading Offscreen Magazine
Reading Offscreen magazine

Kacie Kinzer
Kacie Kinzer

Allison Rutland
Allison Rutland, Pixar

Rick LePage
Rick LePage, OnOne Software

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Alcatraz Views book: photos and history from The Rock

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Almost Pitch Time for PIE

Over the past few months, eight startups have been growing as part of the Portland Incubator Experiment in one corner of Weiden + Kennedy’s building in Portland’s Pearl District. Next week, founders will deliver demonstrations and pitch their companies as worthwhile investments for continued funding and growth. Here’s a photo of JR Storment delivering a practice version of his talk about Cloudability, a Portland startup focusing on helping businesses manage cloud-based services.
JR Storment talks Cloudability
I’ve enjoyed photographing the various founders and activities at PIE as the companies have evolved. I look forward to photographing the PIE Demo Day next week and continuing to follow these businesses into the future. If you’re interested in having me help capture the people, events, and products that make your business interesting, please contact me.

Bored Occupy Portland Protester: 2011 in Five

I’m sharing five memorable images from 2011 this week. Here’s the final image of the series.

Occupy Portland Bored Protester

The Occupy movement drew attention across the nation this fall and Portland was no exception. I photographed protesters and police a few times (including the night of threatened eviction). This image stands out as one of both visual interest and emotional interest. Photographed during the one-day occupation of Jamison Square in Portland’s Pearl District, this man seems rather apathetic to his surroundings.