Life at 300mm

In a comment to an earlier post, Dale asked for some sample photos taken with my Canon 300mm f4L IS lens. I should’ve included some with the original post but neglected to do so… here are a few that illustrate getting close to a subject, the bokeh of the lens, and shooting a subject “head on” to see compression of the distance when using a long telephoto lens.

Yawning Tiger
Lakeside Stand
Garbage at Ferrier Road

As I mentioned in the original post, I don’t have any complaints about this lens; long fast glass is a good thing for many purposes.

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  1. Hi! I found you. I'm someone who loves to take photos. I need some help on which camera (SLR $600-$1000) to get in order to start producing some really good high quality shots! You can check out my flickr galleries on my blog and I can send you some stuff too. Just to get an idea and maybe some mentoring from your end. Thanks so much, Natty, Portland, OREGON

  2. Natty: thanks for your comment. I wrote a post a while back about choosing a DSLR for a beginner; take a look at that but check back this coming week, I have a new version of the same post which will talk about some of the newer options.

  3. Thanks Aaron! I appreciate seeing these great photos and beautiful job showing the diversity of this new member of your equipment arsenal.

  4. Thanks for providing these photo. I really like it and apperciate it

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