Business Portraits with a Consistent Background

Business Portraits with a Consistent Background

When it comes to business portraits and headshots, sometimes you want something unique, and sometimes you need something consistent. That consistency was the goal with an attorney client whose firm hired me to create some business portraits for the firm’s use. Their employees are spread among several cities, and they needed images of someone here in Vancouver, Washington that would math the look and lighting of the images being made of their employees in Boise and Spokane.

Business Portrait in Vancouver Washington

This work came as a referral from another photographer colleague who had done the firm’s Spokane images. My goal was to create multiple images of my subject in his home, then edit those images such that they appeared against a the same background as other images of the other personnel. These were two of the resulting photos, which fit nicely into the overall corporate look and feel of the firm and use backgrounds consistent with those being presented of their other attorneys.

If it’s time to update your business portrait to reflect the current you, or to make a consistent set of portraits for your workgroup, get in touch and let’s make it happen!

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