Back to Work: Business Headshots in Vancouver, Washington

Back to Work: Business Headshots in Vancouver, Washington

As we’re gradually shifting into our new COVID world, I was excited recently to have the opportunity to make some business headshots for an established insurance firm here in Vancouver Washington. We were able to make these business portraits in a safe area while maintaining appropriate distancing by only having one photo subject in the area at a time. And hopefully it goes without saying but we wore masks other than the subject’s time in front of my camera. While it’s a bit different wearing a face mask while operating my camera, it’s quite workable and it was good to show that some photography services are again possible in a safe fashion. We made portraits for a few individuals and made plans to photograph their entire 50ish person office at a later date when larger gatherings are safe.

On location business portraits in Vancouver, Washington

While a lot of my event business has been across the river in Portland, I always get a bit of extra enjoyment about serving clients in Vancouver because this is my hometown, and it’s nice to see when Vancouver, Washington businesses choose a Vancouver photographer. I’ve made business headshots in a variety of environments and with varying looks – we can always go for a studio background look against a solid color, there are options for outdoor portraits, we can drop a consistent background in via Photoshop, or in this case, we took advantage of a nice window background at the client’s location.

On-location business portraits mean that I come to you and you don’t have the disruption of having to travel elsewhere; we can work things into your schedule to make it as easy as possible to make a great headshot without having to rearrange your workday. If you’re looking for an updated business portrait, contact me and let’s set something up whether it’s for you as an individual or for multiple folks in your office.

Business Headshots in Vancouver, Washington

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