Most Memorable Photos of 2013

It’s never a bad thing to look back at a year almost completed and reminisce. As I look at my photos, I selected nine images that stood out for various reasons. I’d like to think that several are darned good photos entirely on their own, while a few others mean more with context. Some are from paid client work; others are from personal trips, projects, or photos while traveling for business.

Presented in no particular order…

My first ride in a hot air balloon. Highly recommended.
Above the Grains

Some nighttime long exposure work in Astoria, Oregon.
Over the River Astoria

Mark Collier of the OpenStack Foundation onstage at their summit this past spring.
Mark Collier - OpenStack Summit Keynote Emcee

Kevin Carroll addressing the National Arts Marketing Program conference in Portland this fall.
Kevin Carroll in Portland

A neat hotel atrium at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.
Space Station Atlanta

Just an Oregon forest… Silver Falls State Park.
Silver Forest

Another forest scene, this on just downstream from Bridal Veil Falls in the Columbia River Gorge.
Footbridge and Foliage

Seattle Skyline as seen from Gas Works Park.
A Seattle Appearance

WordPress cofounder Matt Mullenweg addresses WordCamp San Francisco.
Matt Mullwenweg at WordCamp San Francisco

Andrew Nacin Portrait at WordCamp Seattle: 2011 in Five.

I’ll be sharing five memorable images from 2011 this week. It was challenging to narrow the year down to five images since there are so many more memories and stories that didn’t make the cut. That said, let’s get started; I’ll be presenting the images in the order they were made.

Photo of WordPress core developer Andrew Nacin

As a photographer involved with the community surrounding the WordPress blogging software, I attend a few events each year to share my blog knowledge with others, pick up some new tips for myself, and interact with the community. At WordCamp Seattle in April, I made photos of a bunch of folks including WordPress core developer Andrew Nacin. It was great to meet him in real life after having only previously interacted online and I enjoyed creating photos of the various attendees including Nacin.

Free Photos for WordCamp Seattle Attendees

I’m excited to offer some free photos for WordCamp Seattle attendees. Next month, a few hundred blogging enthusiasts will gather in Seattle for a day-long conference and Hockley Photography will be sponsoring by offering free social media avatar photos for all attendees. I’ll be onsite with my gear including backdrop and lighting and will create images of anyone at the event. And no, this isn’t a joke even though I’m posting it here on April 1st…

Photos will be made available digitally after the conference.

If you’re in the Seattle area I’d love to meet you at WordCamp Seattle and give you a photo you can use online. If you need additional photos for other uses (headshots or otherwise), contact me and I can help you out.

WordCamp Seattle logo

Seattle Anti-War Protest at Westlake Park

The timing of a planned anti-war rally at Seattle’s Westlake Park was apropos with the rally at noon on Saturday coinciding with the beginning of military operations against Libya.
An anti-war protest near Westlake in Seattle drew a decent crowd and police presence to the area on March 19, 2011

View all of my photos from the Seattle Peace Rally or enjoy the slideshow below.

Seattle Opportunity

I’ll be in Seattle later this week (to talk about photography on Thursday) with most of Friday being free – I’m looking at doing some photo-related things but my schedule is open at this point. Perhaps I’ll wander the city and do some street photography. Perhaps something else. We shall see. Perhaps I’ll end up looking for a new angle on a touristy spot such as the EMP music museum with a monorail:

Taken while wandering around the Seattle Center on a Sunday morning